A Couple of Small Quilts Completed

Posted 09/01/2017 by soozspeak
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These are two I hadn’t planned on making.  They are small quilts for a couple of children at a shelter in Houston.  I should have pressed the pink & white blankey before taking the picture.  The top is pieced but the back is fleece; I’m hoping it will keep a toddler girl warm.  The stripey quilt is a quilt-as-you-go using a jelly roll and is baby-sized.

Met My 2017 Goals with 5 months to go!

Posted 08/16/2017 by soozspeak
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Strike up the band!!!  Throw the confetti!!!! Let the champagne flow!!!!!  I am so  excited.  I have reached my goal of having 6 UFOs completed in 2017.

However, due to reaching that goal and one major life change I have moved the goal post back a few yards.  There are 2 more quilt tops that I hope to have quilted by the end of the year:  one for my older son’s birthday in October and the other for my very first grandchild due in January.

#4 is the second Paper Pieced Vintage quilt (designed by the fabulous Jennifer Ofenstein at Sewhooked.com.  This one is 12″ blocks in teal, white and black; the first one was 6″ blocks in yellow, blue and white.  (Pardon the blurry picture.  I’ll try to replace it later.)


Here is the UFO #5 for my younger son’s birthday.  These blocks were hand-pieced years ago (one of the first quilt tops I ever made).  I will never hand-piece another one but I am glad I did it once.

Pat 1

And here is a picture of UFO #6 for my niece, Sarah.  DSCF9007

Now here are the two tops still to be quilted this year. The quilt top on the left is for my son Chris and the one on the right is for Baby Pepper.

So here’s to meeting goals and making new ones!  Cheers!!


Change of Plans

Posted 07/16/2017 by soozspeak
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I set the goal of  completing my 2011 Project of Doom quilt by the end of July.  Unfortunately, I made some bad choices that have set me back a bit – mainly the batting choice.  I decided that quilting row-by-row would be the best way to go with quilting on my domestic machine.  I took the quilt apart by rows and cut batting and backing for each row.  The batting I chose had way too much loft and I am not at all happy with the way the quilting on the first row looks.  I refuse to finish this quilt using this batting; I would just never be happy with it.  So I need to unstitch all the quilting and start all over.  Unstitching will take a while and I just don’t have the heart to start it yet.  I may end up having to re-make a block or two – we’ll see.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of projects to take it’s place.  A couple that I absolutely adore told me they are having a baby around the end of January.  So I’m making a Baby PoD. Mom (a Hufflepuff) and Dad (a Ravenclaw) are also Potter fans.  This quilt will be a wall-hanging in the nursery and a bed quilt when the baby has grown into a youth bed.  A very generous quilter has offered to quilt it for me when I have it completed.  I am overwhelmed by this and she will never know how much I apprecite it.  Here’s the progress I’ve made so far:


The second project is the cleaning and organizing of my sewing/crafting room.  I really want to be able to walk in there without tripping over something.  So this one I am doing in stages:

(1) Clean out the closet to make room for embroidery notions, fabrics and stabilizers (about 70% done thanks to help from a neighbor).

(2) Organize quilting yardage by folding over comic book boards and put in the fabric cabinet (about 95% done).


3) Decide how to organize scraps, pre-cuts and wide backing fabric and put in the cabinet.  (0% done)

4) Organize notions and accessories.  I’ve cleaned out some drawers and need to decide how to arrange things so they will be convenient and, more importantly, I can find them.

I’ll check back in at the end of the month to let you know if I reached these goals.


#3 Done!

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I completed my 3rd UFO for the year and Lilith has decided it is hers.  That’s fine since I had no idea what I was going to do with it.

I believe this is a Carol Doak paper pieced pattern but I would not swear to it.  I made the top over 6 years ago and started quilting it.  It was my first time trying to quilt on my sewing machine and I was so unhappy with it that after I quilted about 1/2 of it, I put it away and forgot it.  But since I am trying to get some UFOs completed, I dug it out today and finished it.  As they say, finished is better than perfect.  Well, that certainly holds true in this case.  I would never give this to anyone; but even though I am still unhappy with the quilting, I am glad that it is done and I am proud that I finished it.  And Lilith really doesn’t care.

I have sent 2 more quilts at the long-arm quilter (Missouri Star Quilt Company) and when they get back in 6 weeks or so, I’ll bind them and have 5 done toward my goal of 6 for the year.  I may need to set a new goal!

Second UFO Done!

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Only 4 to go.  Currently working on the Project of Doom quilt.  After that I hope to work on my sons’ quilts.

So here is #2.  I made this quilt top 5 or 6 years ago but am just now getting it completed. I was sidetracked for a couple of years by a fight with cancer.  I’m 2 1/2 years cancer-free now and glad to be back to doing things I love to do.

This was also quilted by Missouri Star Quilt Company.  I just finished binding it this morning.


First UFO Goal Completed!

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I got this back Saturday from Missouri Star Quilt Company where I had it long-arm quilted.  I attached the binding today and VOILA!   My first completed UFO for 2017.  I am currently binding the second one that I received from MSQC in the same box.  So tomorrow I should have two completed.  Then it will be only 4 to go.

I have been working on my Project of Doom quilt.  I’m embroidering book titles on some of the books and then I’ll be quilting it row-by-row on my sewing machine.  For me this is quite an undertaking.

This is my small Paper Piecing Vintage designed by Jennifer Ofenstein at Sewhooked.com.  It is the very first quilt I have made just for me!  It’s hanging in my living room and I love it.


PPV 6 inch

UFOs – The Quilty Kind

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My goal this year is to complete at least six UFOs (unfinished objects) this year.  To do this I plan to send 4 or more off to a long-arm quilter and quilt 2 or more myself.  To that end, I have sent off 2 smallish quilts to Missouri Star Quilt Company to get it back in a couple of weeks.

I have joined the UFO Quilt Along in June/July with Jennifer Ofenstein at Fandom In Stitches.  My plan is to complete the quilting on at least one of my Harry Potter bookcase quilts.

(1) Paper Piecing Vintage designed by Jennifer Ofenstein at Sewhooked.com.  (2) Big star baby quilt (sorry, I don’t remember who designed this but I love it). (3) Project of Doom: a Harry Potter bookcase quilt designed by Jennifer Ofenstein at FandomInStitches.com.  (Can you tell I LOVE Jennifer’s designs???)

These 3 should be done about mid-year.  Then the next two quilts on my list are quilts for my sons.  More on those at a later date.