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Another finish for 2018


Finished my Rainbow Cascade quilt which was designed by Jennifer Ofenstein at  I love this quilt!!!  It is being donated to Theatre Alliance of Winston-Salem for them to raffle off.

Right now I’m working on a “emergency” quilt. I started it yesterday and got the blocks finished today.  Tomorrow I’ll join the blocks and get it ready for quilting.  I will be quilting this one myself and hope to have it completed and in the mail to it’s recipient by Friday.  Fingers are crossed!  When I get it done, I’ll take a picture and post it after the recipient gets it.


Rainbow Cascade



Already amending my goals!


Earlier today I listed the quilts next on my list to be made.  Tonight I spoke with my niece about a quilt for her brother.  I’m going to do a bookcase quilt for him using some of the patterns from the Project of Doom, but adding in the things he loves (like baseball and music). His sister is going to find out his favorite books for me and the books will have those titles on them.  This one will be a surprise for him.

Okay, that’s definitely all for tonight.  See you later.