Met My 2017 Goals with 5 months to go!

Strike up the band!!!  Throw the confetti!!!! Let the champagne flow!!!!!  I am so  excited.  I have reached my goal of having 6 UFOs completed in 2017.

However, due to reaching that goal and one major life change I have moved the goal post back a few yards.  There are 2 more quilt tops that I hope to have quilted by the end of the year:  one for my older son’s birthday in October and the other for my very first grandchild due in January.

#4 is the second Paper Pieced Vintage quilt (designed by the fabulous Jennifer Ofenstein at  This one is 12″ blocks in teal, white and black; the first one was 6″ blocks in yellow, blue and white.  (Pardon the blurry picture.  I’ll try to replace it later.)


Here is the UFO #5 for my younger son’s birthday.  These blocks were hand-pieced years ago (one of the first quilt tops I ever made).  I will never hand-piece another one but I am glad I did it once.

Pat 1

And here is a picture of UFO #6 for my niece, Sarah.  DSCF9007

Now here are the two tops still to be quilted this year. The quilt top on the left is for my son Chris and the one on the right is for Baby Pepper.

So here’s to meeting goals and making new ones!  Cheers!!


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2 Comments on “Met My 2017 Goals with 5 months to go!”

  1. That is awesome, you go girl!

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