Change of Plans

I set the goal of  completing my 2011 Project of Doom quilt by the end of July.  Unfortunately, I made some bad choices that have set me back a bit – mainly the batting choice.  I decided that quilting row-by-row would be the best way to go with quilting on my domestic machine.  I took the quilt apart by rows and cut batting and backing for each row.  The batting I chose had way too much loft and I am not at all happy with the way the quilting on the first row looks.  I refuse to finish this quilt using this batting; I would just never be happy with it.  So I need to unstitch all the quilting and start all over.  Unstitching will take a while and I just don’t have the heart to start it yet.  I may end up having to re-make a block or two – we’ll see.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of projects to take it’s place.  A couple that I absolutely adore told me they are having a baby around the end of January.  So I’m making a Baby PoD. Mom (a Hufflepuff) and Dad (a Ravenclaw) are also Potter fans.  This quilt will be a wall-hanging in the nursery and a bed quilt when the baby has grown into a youth bed.  A very generous quilter has offered to quilt it for me when I have it completed.  I am overwhelmed by this and she will never know how much I apprecite it.  Here’s the progress I’ve made so far:


The second project is the cleaning and organizing of my sewing/crafting room.  I really want to be able to walk in there without tripping over something.  So this one I am doing in stages:

(1) Clean out the closet to make room for embroidery notions, fabrics and stabilizers (about 70% done thanks to help from a neighbor).

(2) Organize quilting yardage by folding over comic book boards and put in the fabric cabinet (about 95% done).


3) Decide how to organize scraps, pre-cuts and wide backing fabric and put in the cabinet.  (0% done)

4) Organize notions and accessories.  I’ve cleaned out some drawers and need to decide how to arrange things so they will be convenient and, more importantly, I can find them.

I’ll check back in at the end of the month to let you know if I reached these goals.


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