First UFO Goal Completed!

I got this back Saturday from Missouri Star Quilt Company where I had it long-arm quilted.  I attached the binding today and VOILA!   My first completed UFO for 2017.  I am currently binding the second one that I received from MSQC in the same box.  So tomorrow I should have two completed.  Then it will be only 4 to go.

I have been working on my Project of Doom quilt.  I’m embroidering book titles on some of the books and then I’ll be quilting it row-by-row on my sewing machine.  For me this is quite an undertaking.

This is my small Paper Piecing Vintage designed by Jennifer Ofenstein at  It is the very first quilt I have made just for me!  It’s hanging in my living room and I love it.


PPV 6 inch

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One Comment on “First UFO Goal Completed!”

  1. Huzzah! Like I said on FB, it looks like sunshine!

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